Call back

When booking with us from your landline you have the option of receiving a call back just before your taxi arrives consisting of 3 rings which will allow you to know that your taxi is on its way. This is a reliable service to have as it reassures all customers that their taxi is in the area.

Text back

Text back to all mobiles is also a great service which we provide and is similar to call back. When you have booked your taxi from a mobile you will receive a text confirming your booking date and time. As well as this when your taxi is on its way and within the area you are being picked up, you will also receive a text to let you know.


Our executive service includes luxury cars with uniformed drivers that provide a fantastic service. We can provide wedding cars too – please call for a quotation for our executive services or weddings.

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Whether you are arriving at or departing from the airport, may it be on holiday or on business, Direct Cars will make sure your journey starts and ends in comfort and safety. We also use tracking facilities so we are able to know when you’re flight has landed, is early or may be delayed to ensure we do not miss you. Not only do we offer these services, we also offer a ‘meet and greet’ service at the airport too.

Parcel Delivery

Parcel Delivery

Direct cars offer a delivery service for any sort of parcel delivery. Examples include prescriptions, forgotten items or anything which can fit into a saloon car.

Multi seated vehicles

We have a range of different seater taxis which allows for larger groups of people to travel to places together no matter how far or near that may be.

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Lost Property

Ever lost an important personal item in a car? Don’t worry Direct Cars are a reliable & trustworthy company that will always make sure to return any lost property.

Credit card payment

Direct Cars have also recently opened a new method of payment which allows customers to pay on credit or debit cards*. Don’t have the time to divert to the cashpoint? Why not use your card with just a £1 charge per transaction.**(CHARGE OVER £40) It could save you time and money, rather than searching for the nearest cash point! Receive a receipt via email, SMS or hard copy.

*only available in certain vehicles, please mention at the time of booking you wish you to pay by card.
**For transactions over £40 there will be a £1.50 charge.

Regular bookings

If  you have regular bookings which you may need weekly or monthly, you can pre book these into our system which means that you do not have to ring up every single time you want to book the taxi to save your time.


Now live on the Apple App Store & Google Play Store – download the app now & make your booking, store your favourite journeys & track your taxi – all in the palm of your hand!

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